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We all want and need endless hot water 24/7 and there is an endless amount of specialist resellers to sell you a new system. However what if it’s more economical to repair your hot water system? That’s where we come in. Hot Water Repairs Perth based company, Camtec, can save you money by repairing your hot water system instead of just throwing it out for a new one.

Camtec Appliance Repairs, supported by their highly qualified electricians, plumbers and gas fitters, are specialists in repairing hot water systems.Hot Water Repairs Perth

  • Do you really want to make a significant investment in a new system at this time?
  • Would it not make sense to call in a professional and repair rather than replace?

At Camtec Appliance Repairs our first priority is not to sell a new hot water system. The primary focus of our business is to offer a speedy professional maintenance and repair service. If:

  • after a quick check of the power and water supply to an electric system; or
  • in the case of a gas system, checking the gas supply, water supply , pilot light;

if all to no avail, an appointment and a chat with our service manager can be booked online. We will ring you immediately and for $121.00 we will be out immediately to assess the situation and repair your hot water system on the spot where possible.

Alternatively phone us on 6258 0000.

  • If not economical to repair we can quote on supplying and installing a new hot water system
  • All major credit cards accepted Hot Water Repairs Perth
  • Installation generally would be achieved next business day from your initial call

All major brands serviced – Bosch, Chromogen, Coleman, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai.Hot Water Repairs Perth

Camtec Appliance Repairs are specialists in hot water system repairs and maintenance. Camtec Appliance Repairs employs fully qualified, professional electricians, plumbers and licensed gas fitters which means they can take care of your hot water system repair from start to finish, including any gas or gas piping related work. We work with most hot water system brands and types. Our work includes:

  • Gas hot water system and tank repairs, service and installation
  • Solar hot water system and tank repairs, service and installation
  • Electric hot water system and tank repairs, service and installation
  • Heat pump repairs, service and installation

Hot Water Repairs Perth FAQ

Before you call in a qualified electrician or gas fitter for hot water repairs in Perth you should review this FAQ for helpful tips and try to understand the problem and how it may be repaired. Gas hot water systems are the most common type of standard tank in homes today and usually require very few hot water repairs or maintenance while offering years of trouble free operation.

The tank hot water systems work by heating cold water and then storing it until it’s needed. This is quite unlike the tankless hot water systems which don’t feature a storage tank at all. The convection heating process allows the hot water to rise while the colder water settles into the bottom of the tank where it is heated by the gas burner. The hot water is drawn out by the outlet pipe at the top of the tank so that you have consistent, hot water for your home.