oven repairs perthReliable Oven Repairs across Perth

Not every electrician specializes in oven repairs Perth or its suburbs across Western Australia. So when your oven is “on the blink”, make sure you get in touch with Camtec Appliance Repairs – where you’ll find some of the most experienced oven service and repair specialists.

Oven Repairs Perth – Doing it Right

Whether you are a resident or run a business, oven repairs for Perth homeowners and businesses are serious business for our technicians. Why?


  • An incorrectly fixed oven could mean serious liability for us – and we are not prepared to risk that!
  • Wrongly executed oven repairs at Perth homes and businesses means we’re putting lives in our community at risk – and that’s not what we, as your friends and neighbors, do!
  • An oven repair done right means we win your long-term loyalty – and that’s exactly what Camtec is about!

From diagnosing the issue and recommending a course of repair, right up to performing the most appropriate oven repairs for Perth residential and commercial oven owners; we make sure that we do it right – the first time!

Oven Repairs Perth – 
Doing it all

We offer full-service oven repairs to Perth and its suburbs. So what does that mean for you? It means that regardless of the type of oven or the issue with it, our technicians are sure to be able to repair it.

  • oven repairs perth and mandurahDoes your electric oven’s heating element need replacing?
  • Is there a problem with the oven’s thermostat?
  • Has your oven’s timer been acting up lately?
  • Why is there no light where there used to be one before?
  • Is the door seal not tight enough?
  • Did the glass door crack?

We specialize in residential and commercial oven repairs to Perth ovens that others may be afraid to tackle. And because our experienced team has performed so many successful oven repairs, we’ll handle the most challenging issues in your oven. See the brands we service >

Most of all, when our skills for oven repairs at Perth homes and businesses are called for – you won’t need a second opinion from someone else.

  • We’ll arrive on time;
  • …trouble-shoot the problem quickly;
  • …diagnose the issue
  • …get the right part
  • and fix the problem the first time!

And we’ll do this professionally, in the most courteous manner, and cost-effectively. You’ll know exactly what needs fixing and how much it will cost before we do the repairs.

Oven Repairs Perth – Experience the Difference

Our professionals have been involved with oven repairs Perth and its suburbs for many years. And because we are Western Australia’s only appliance service and repair company with a wide range of expertise, our customers:

  • Rely on our technicians to diagnose and fix a wide array of ovens and cooking ranges
  • Receive prompt and courteous service
  • Are exposed to a team that’s performed oven repairs for Perth residents who may even be their own friends and neighbors
  • Know that we only use the highest quality parts – either original or replacement – that is most appropriate for the repair

And that’s the difference that we bring to oven repairs for Perth commercial and residential oven owners!