Professional Residential and Commercial Fridge Repairs in Perth  

When it comes to fridge repairs Perth and across broader Western Australia, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find another service company that offers the unrivaled expertise of Camtec Appliance Repairs.
Fridges are extremely sensitive appliances. Handle them wrong, and:

  • You could end up with spoilt food because of a malfunctioning fridge
  • Refrigerator repairs Perth that have gone bad have resulted in water leaks – damaging carpets and hardwood floors
  • Homeowners may not realize it, but poorly repaired fridges can easily contribute to higher power bills
  • Cooling or freezing food incorrectly, because of an incorrect repair, could pose serious health hazards

With so much at stake, fridge repairs to Perth fridges and freezers must be entrusted only to professionals that specialize in their repairs.

Refrigerator Repairs Perth – Why Use Us?

Here at Camtec, we value customer loyalty. That’s why, when we are called out for refrigerator repairs at Perth residences and businesses, we attend each call with one objective: To ensure we make you a lifetime client.

And in return, we promise:

  • fridge repairs perth samsung fridgeOn-site troubleshooting and repairs
  • The benefit of highly trained technicians
  • A large team of fridge repair specialists
  • Repair and service to old and new fridges
  • The ability to source the most appropriate parts for your particular make/model
  • Fridge repairs for Perth and its suburbs at affordable prices
  • Our guarantee on all of our repairs
  • To honor manufacturer’s warranty on all replacement parts

These are promises that many of our competitors make too – but few of them will deliver! Having been involved with residential and commercial refrigerator repairs across Perth and its suburbs for years, we’ve built a strong reputation for customer service. When one of our teams calls on you, you’ll immediately see the difference. We deliver!

Fridge Repairs Perth – Cool Professionalism!

All of our service technicians engaged in fridge repairs across Perth are specialists in their jobs. That’s why many of our customers make Camtec professionals their “go to” when it comes to fridge and freezer repairs.

Thanks to the many years in this business, we’ve gained expertise in fixing a myriad of issues with a wide range of fridges, including:

  • Gas Leaks
  • Faulty seals
  • Noisy or defective compressor
  • Water leakage
  • Cooling issues
  • Excessive ice build-up
  • Problems with defrosting
  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • Defective lights

See the Brands we Service. Where other rookies offering fridge repairs to Perth businesses and homeowners may “learn on the job” by experimenting on your fridge; our professionals will quickly diagnose the issue and immediately set to work fixing the problem.

Courtesy, respect, punctuality, honesty, professionalism, and warranty. These are words that our professionals live by. It’s the only way we believe we can earn your trust and long-term loyalty.

Our professionals continually undergo skills upgrade. We invest in their training so that they remain the best option for refrigerator repairs across Perth and the whole of Western Australia.

So if you have a problem with your fridge, call the service technicians who have earned a reputation as “The Fridge Doctors!”