Washing Machine Repairs Perth and its surroundings

The need for washing machine repairs Perth households is often overlooked. Sure, today’s washing machines are workhorses, designed and built to work for a long time. However, over time, even the most well-designed machines succumb to normal wear and tear. And when that happens, you need a team renowned for its skill in Perth washing machine repairs.

Washing Machine Repairs PerthWhy Repair?

Many of our competitors live by the adage: “If it’s broke – sell them a new one!” Not us!

When it comes to offering our expertise in Perth washing machine repairs residential and commercial clients, at Camtec we believe in repairing only what shouldn’t be replaced. Our experts are not sales people that like to have home and business owners buy new appliances just so we can “make a sale!”

Camtec technicians specializing in washing machine repairs Perth and beyond will ensure that if your washing machine can be restored back to life with repairs – they’ll ensure that’s exactly what happens. Why?


  • Perth Washing machine repairs for residential and commercial customers is what we do!
  • Using defective washing machines can cost you money – in wasted water and excessive electricity consumption
  • As appliance service professionals, we repair “stuff”, even though others may try to sell you a needless replacement unit!
  • If we can save you money by repairing and restoring your washing machine and other appliances, we’re confident we’ll earn your trust for life!

We believe in doing what we do well – and that’s why homeowners and entrepreneurs turn to our professionals for all types of washing machine repairs in Perth and beyond.

Why Trust Us With Your Washing Machine?

We’ve been involved in washing machine repairs Perth business for a while now, and our reputation for honesty and professionalism is well known.

But that’s not all:

  • No other appliance service and repair company has an in-house team that’s experienced in a wider array of washing machine brands and models than Camtec
  • We offer our washing machine repairs expertise to Perth residents and businesses at extremely affordable rates
  • Our technicians are constantly training and educating themselves on the latest washing machine technology – and we use that knowledge to the benefit of our clients

As one of Western Australia’s most experienced and diverse appliance service and repair outfits, our experience in washing machine repairs means Perth homeowners and businesses can count on one thing:

“If it ain’t broken beyond repair – we’ll repair it!”

See the Washing Machine Brands we Repair.

Get The Repairs You Need – Today!

Camtec’s expertise throughout Perth will ensure your laundry is always clean and dry – like it’s supposed to be when you use a functioning washing machine. But more importantly, we’ll ensure you don’t waste money on water, electricity, detergent and other consumables because of a faulty washing machine.

Why risk your clothes being victimized by a defective washing machine? Contact our experts to get your washing machine the help it needs!